The Cat That Quacked


There once were a pair of ducklings who really wanted to have a baby, but it was Winter. The mother duck, Margaret, wouldn’t be able to keep an egg warm. So, they decided to find another baby animal. They went to the zoo, and because there was a large influx of babies, the zookeeper let them pick any baby animal.

The ducks walked around and looked at the animals. The puppies were cute, but they were too noisy. The piglets were sweet, but they ate too much. The calves were kind, but they were too wobbly. The ducks finally decided to adopt a kitten. Kathy the kitten was adorable, but shy. She was only active when chasing a ball of yarn.

As Kathy grew up with the other ducklings, she learned to swim and quack. It was hard for her to quack though, because her mouth was shaped differently. It always came out like a growled “wrrraacckkk”. She got along with the ducklings though, so it wasn’t much of a problem. They were talkative, clever, and wonderful creatures.

One day, Kathy went strolling around the zoo. She came across the area where they kept the cats. The cats saw that she was a cat, so they “meowed” at her. Kathy didn’t understand the “meow” but guessed that they meant “hello”. She responded with her “wrrrraaccckkkk”. The cats looked at her strangely as they didn’t know why she was making strange sounds. The cats were frightened, and didn’t like Kathy, so they hissed angrily until Kathy ran away.

When Kathy returned home, she told her duck parents about the what had happened, and the ducks explained that the cats didn’t like her because she spoke a different language. Kathy felt sad and distressedbut her duck parents kept encouraging her by saying that when she grew up and learned to meow, she would know how to speak two animal languages.

By the end of the year, Kathy had worked hard on her “meowing” and learned how the tones sounded. She was able to speak two languages, which made her well-liked by the others. She became the most popular animal at the zoo because everyone paid to see the cat that quacked.

Moral of the Story
Don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because someone or something looks one way, does not mean that they will behave as you think they will.

不能以貌取人 – 沒有兩個人是完全相同的

Click here to see pictures about a cat that is a vet in Poland.

cat nurse

By Nick


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